Friday, November 1, 2013

What a difference a Year can make

This is my studio a few days ago, in the early morning hours, finishing up a batch of ornaments for the upcoming Holiday season. 
 When I paint, I do a lot of thinking.   Sometimes it's about the new design I may be working on.   If it's a custom order, I often think about the recipient and the memories that will be associated with the Artwork I am creating.  

 This particular morning, I was painting  multiples, so I choose to do it production work style.    So I was painting away and I found myself going back to where I was this time last year.  (The following photos show the step by step process to the completion of this design.) 

 2012 was a strange mixture of personal struggles and blessings going on.  My little Art Business was growing, doing quite well, but I was barely keeping up and couldn't really enjoy what was happening

  What a difference a year can make!  2013 has brought some much need changes for me.

 My life is full instead of out of control busy

Self care is critical.

 I pay attention better when I feel overwhelm taking over and actually pause and regroup.   I am learning acceptance to the reality of what is possible in any 24 hr. period.  

  My life is a work in progress, not perfection these days.  

 I've learned how to reach out and connect in a way I was unable to in my past, which has meant that I'm learning how to ask for help and taking the hands that are offered.

                                                2013 Snowmen Holding Hands Ornament