Thursday, February 26, 2015

TBT - What I know

My first custom Wedding Favor order.

Meagan has a very special place in my heart.  We have never met in person, we don't really know that much about each other's personal lives, but we are connected.

And I don't believe in coincidences anymore. 

These little Lobster Buoys would forever change the direction of my life.

I never grow tired of designing and painting them.  And I have painted over 1500 of them now.  Maybe more, I've lost track. 
What I do know, is that a lot of the creative work that I do, becomes a memory of a special day in someone's life and their families lives.  That is a gift to me beyond measure.   I love what I do.  I am humbled and filled with gratitude.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Maine Wedding Artist

Maine Wedding Artist
 My creative business is growing.   It began as Beth's Craft Room in 2009.  That name made the most sense to me at the time, because I like to create a wide range of offerings and I had not yet found my niche.  In 2011, that all changed, but it took a few more years to really see the direction I was going.

My blog has not quite caught up.  But I am getting there...