Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why I rise at 4:30 am

This is what I do in the early morning hours, most days, with a lovely cup of coffee.   By 8am, I'm at my day job as Administrative Assistant.  Putting creativity first insures that I have the energy and focus I need to create.  I like my day job much better as well by starting my day with a paint brush in my hand.  It's meditative.   It puts a positive flow to my day.
It is now well after 8pm and time for this Maine girl to call it a day, but before I do, I really wanted to devote a little time to my neglected blog and share a peaceful, beautiful part of my day.  Finding the right balance for everything that I love to do is challenging, it's definately a work in progress. 
Lupines are one of my favorite flowers to paint.

Birdhouses and cardinals are painted in a whimsical folk art style on these orns, but I do like to paint them in a realistic style as well.

More lupines, this is my signature lupine design.  I paint lupines on everything.

Lobsters are my newest design.  These crustations are going in a gift shop at the Camden Rockport Country Inn, Rockport, Maine.  (I love their pool)

Blueberries, also at the gift shop at the Country Inn.  (I love their hot tub, too)and last but not least, six little snowmen playing in the snow!


  1. I'm not an early riser like you, but I do appreciate how crafting can help put your work day in a good place. I like to try and craft at lunch - maybe read a blog, visit a message board, or doodle. It helps me reconnect with my craft during my work day. Gorgeous painting on the ornaments!

  2. Wish I could rise at 4:30 a.m. ... I might just try it! I do like the idea of starting my day with something I LOVE. Love your Christmas balls ... Lobsters are my favorite ... if I was in Camden at the Country Inn, I would buy them :) Like the new blog too ... well done!

  3. Deb- I agree with you. It does make a difference to keep in touch with your creative side daily and there are so many ways to do that :) Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Ger, I was not always a morning person. In my late teens and early twenties, my best time to be creative, especially painting was from 10pm - 2am.
    It's always satisfying when others enjoy my Art work. I do plan on offering these ornaments on my Etsy Shop soon. I just have to stop painting long enough to get to that part. :)
    Thanks for the lovely compliments on my Art and my Blog. I've always loved to write and hoping to do more of that as well. I love connecting with other creatives. thanks for visiting by blog.