Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maine Fall Wedding

  I am delivering these Lobster Buoy Wedding Favors to a Maine Bride this Friday for her Wedding on Saturday.   She found my little buoys a couple of weeks ago and contacted me through my Etsy Shop.  She asked if I could custom paint 130 buoys for her and I said yes! 

With every custom order request, comes a new creative experience for me.  A chance to expand my offerings.  Sometime the requests turns into a sale, sometime not, but all requests are valuable.  I learn from each experience and connection.  Gain new insights on what my customers would like to see offered. 

This is my second big custom Wedding order.  My first, a few months ago, will be for an October Wedding next month.  I also recently completed a custom order of 50 buoys for a Baby Shower taking place next month.  All those buoys spreading out in the world, representing special memories for families and friends. 
It humbles me and brings me great personal joy!

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  1. intriguing work, and I know what you mean about different creative experiences leading to new places. I always maintain the best learning is by doing - good luck with more like this :)