Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beth's Craft Room - the Studio, the Blog, the Shop & catching the creative vibe

I have so much I want to write about, here on this blog.  I have so much I want to design, create and paint.

The new designs and ideas in my head are bubbling up so fast, I fear I will never remember them all and I won't get them back and I won't have time to create them.  This thinking is not good for my creative process. Not good for any part of my life.   As a grow as an Artist, a Writer and a business Woman, I realize it's time for a new approach.

These days, when the craziness builds and I start racing because I let the fears of failure and fears of success nip at me, instead of running ever faster to numb out the panic,  I simply get quiet.  I don't look for answers, I don't try to figure out how to fit more into less.  I just get quiet.  

When I do, something good always results, like this thought-

What if all the creativity that is a constant in my brain from the moment I wake, until the moment I fall asleep is not all for me to do.  What if some of it is supposed to be someone else's creative gift to the world and I just happened to pick up on their creative vibe??   If this is a possibility, it reinforces my belief there is enough creative abundance for all of us.  Then instead of my response being one of resentment, my response is one of graditude and sharing.  So to that end another of my dreams is being fulfilled.   Beth's Craft Room officially began selling craft supplies in 2014.  I had always daydreamed about owning a brick and mortar craft supply store, but it turns out what I originally envisioned was supposed to happen like this:

A photo of my unfinished Lobster Buoys I offer on my online Etsy shop.

My wish is that the person who buys my unfinished buoys has as fun and joy as I do painting them.

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