Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photography bridges all my creative expressions

This is my Art Studio set up for a photo shoot for my hand painted Wedding Buoys.  I found some great
decorative lobster buoys for props.

    CobaltSkyStudio on Etsy is the Maine designer and maker of one of my favorite photo props.  Her Maine Buoy Pillows are made for home  decor but also make the perfect accent for my Etsy offerings.  Two of my little buoys look cute hanging off her pillow.

It occurred to me recently that I should offer my buoys as photo prop offerings on my Etsy Shop.  It was so fun photographing my wedding rings with my buoys.

                                          And then there are all the natural props that I love to harvest off the beautiful coast of Maine were I reside.
One of my many creative goals/dreams will be sell my photography as fine Art.

Photography has evolved into a very satisfying part of my creativity.  It's a great story teller, it helps me find the words I want to write. Photography bridges all my creative expressions, both in my business and for personal pleasure and play.

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